Bitcoin Rival Ripple Is Sitting On Many Billions Of Dollars Of Xrp

CNBC- Bitcoin rival Ripple is suddenly sitting on many billions of dollars worth of currency – May 26

23/01/2020  · Even if Ripple brought in 20% of that, which would be $1 billion, it would have a large cash reserve it would be sitting on. Hodor then noted that with this cash, Ripple could participate in strong marketing: “With $5 billion dollars, no amount of potential marketing is out of reach, and the days of Superbowl advertisements about digital assets may be upon us.”

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Ripple’s XRP is the third-largest digital asset with the current market capitalization is $8.9 billion and an average daily trading volume of $1.9 billion. XRP/USD retreated from the intraday.

Bitcoin Rival Ripple Is Sitting On Billions Of Dollars Worth Of Cryptocurrency: Bottom Line | CNBCInvest in Decentralized fairly mined coins! 100 billion ripple exists! Bitcoin is 16.5 million Bitcoin sourced and decentralized.

Ripple was hugely premined and under central authority.ya ya ya blah blah blah.they are going to put 60 billion in escrow! talk is cheap.Ripple is.