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After the election, the foundation's directors included chairperson Peter Vessenes, Gavin Andresen, Bobby Lee, Micky Malka, Jon Matonis, Brock Pierce, and Elizabeth Ploshay. In October 2014, Jon Matonis resigned from his position of Executive Director of the Foundation, and at the end of the election cycle on 31 December 2014 stepped down from the group's board of directors.

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Peter Vessenes has deep roots in digital currency, tokenization, and blockchain technology. He founded CoinLab, the first venture-backed Bitcoin company, as well as the first company to deliver 65nm Bitcoin mining chips at scale. He also co-founded the Bitcoin Foundation, serving as its first executive director and chairman, and holds

27 Dec 2019.

Peter Vessenes, Mike Koss, and Tihan Seale led CoinLab, with an eye on launching innovative Bitcoin projects. "The idea of a private currency.

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Peter M. Vessenes · Peter Vessenes. CEO ProfitSee Inc. Share this content. pointing to a cash flow chart. NicoElNino_shutterstock_cashflow.

Peter Vessenes on blockchain, entertainment, disruption, investments 16 July 2018 You Have Metronome Cross-Chain Questions. Here are Answers. Bloq is mostly done pulling together the work on the crosschain specification into a readable document, and I'm planning on an online Q&A livestream » Peter Vessenes 13 July 2018

1 Feb 2019.

TL;DR: Crypto social media raged at revelations former Bitcoin Foundation Chair and CEO of CoinLab, Peter Vessenes, reportedly is jumping.

Peter Vessenes. CEO, Vestment Advisors Inc. Peter has served as a high-level corporate advisor since 1983. Projects that began with assisting presidents of Fortune 100 companies broadened to include mid-sized corporations, closely held companies, start-up.